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A Car Service Best For You at HAE Rockhampton Agreed Price

Rockhampton's most trusted mechanics. Cars travelling less than 10k per year need a custom plan. Oils and fluids die when unused, causing expensive repairs later.

We Service New In-Warranty Cars to Manufacturers' Specifications


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 All cars all models Log book servicing Rockhampton


At Highway Auto we offer an alternative to high-cost dealership servicing, we carry out all manufacturer specified servicing at a fair price with a lifetime guarantee*.

Stop paying too much!

Log book servicing Rockhampton

Brakes Repairs

We resurface discs so your new brake pads provide maximum braking efficiency and last longer with lifetime workmanship guarantee*.
Fast Fleet repairs & servicing at Rockhampton


Stay cool with Highway Auto Air, Rockhampton's leading car air conditioning specialists, offering expert car & auto air con maintenance, repair & new installations.

Stop paying too much!

Diagnose check engine light Rockhampton


We have latest diagnostic equipment to identify and fix any electrical issue fast, at a fair price with lifetime workmanship guarantee*.
Hybrid repairs and services Rockhampton


Hybrid EV cars require regular servicing like any other vehicle. Since hybrids are a complex piece of technology, it's important to have them serviced by experts who have the appropriate training and equipment. At HAE Rockhampton, we have skilled professionals who can provide the proper maintenance and repairs for your hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid EV Engine

Hybrid EV repairs and servicing HAE Rockhampton

Roadworthy Cert.

Safety certificate inspections can only be performed at an Authorised Inspection station such as Highway Auto Rockhampton.

Ask for your Custom Servicing Plan Best Suited to How You Use Your Car

Do you care about your car? Do you want the ultimate in road safety for you and your family? If that’s a “Yes, Yes,” then you would be aware that your car requires periodical inspections along with those components having a use-by-date either replaced or replenished.

There are a number of fluids which have a limited life. Your brake fluid is good for around 2 years but should be tested from time to time for security. Your power steering fluid the same, 2 years and your radiator coolant should last for 2 years but not always, so have it tested along with the above. Last but not least, your engine and transmission oil and oil filter are the life blood of your engine. Diesel engines have additional lubrication requirements.

Why Servicing Your Car is Essential. Be safe and increase your resale value.

The base-line specifications for servicing a car begins at 6 months or 10,000 km. If you use your car for frequent long trips with no stop start city driving then the requirements may vary from a low mileage car with short trips with lots of stop-start city driving. In either of these situations the common denominator is the need for inspection.

Todays cars are more electronic than mechanical and that means brakes, steering and many more critical components are reliant on the car’s electrical systems for reliability and safe driving. Highway Auto pioneered electronic diagnostic systems so we are well placed to plan which service is best for your car. Ring Steve for more information and costing - (07) 4926 1303.


Servicing Your Vehicle is all about minimising expensive parts replacements and keeping you safe on the roads.

Yes, we can trim down the cost of running you car, SUV or 4WD by making the wear components last longer.
audi car servicing rockhampton
This really shouldn’t be a problem. Every car needs attention on a regular and ongoing basis. Otherwise, small issues can easily escalate into large and expensive issues or affect the reliability or safety of your car.

How often you need to have your car serviced comes down to how many kilometres you travel, how long it is since the last service, and whether it is due for it's scheduled service.

Ring Steve now, see how much you will save.
This is an opportunity for you to have a custom servicing plan which best fits your car and the way you use it.

There are major and minor services. A minor service is usually a change of oil and filters, plus a check that everything is operating as it should. A major service is more comprehensive and, naturally, more expensive. Major services are usually scheduled at 60,000 km intervals. Minor services should be undertaken every 10,000 or no later than 15,000 km. The most important thing to do is to refer to your owner’s manual. Some manufacturers require six-monthly services, effectively doubling the cost (and if you ignore the recommendations, you void your warranty, so make sure you check it out). Log Book Services Link or maybe a custom servicing plan would better suite your usage pattern.

Some return for your outlay

Apart from the obvious peace of mind that you get from regular servicing, your car will provide better service and probably last longer. And when the time comes to sell your car, a comprehensive service record will increase its appeal to buyers, and boost its sale price, Highway Auto Servicing will make sure your service book is always stamped and your records kept up to date.

Don’t ignore your in-car warning lights

These days, most cars have a number of dashboard warning lights to warn you if something goes awry with your engine, oil level, coolant level, braking system and even tyre pressure. Your owner’s manual will explain what each warning light means, and what you should do if one illuminates. If in doubt ring Steve on (07) 49 261 303 for assistance.

Some fault messages require immediate action, such as pulling off the road and shutting down the engine before major damage is done. If you see a warning light, don’t ignore it act immediately.

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