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Delkor Battery Technology

Automotive Engineers and Battery Distributors since 1966... Updated 12/07/2019.


delkor car battery picture Delkor AGM Batteries are the premium choice for high-end and advanced fuel-efficient vehicles with high electrical demands. This innovative technology offers up to three times the life of a standard flooded battery and superior performance over the life of the battery.

AGM batteries are extremely resistant to vibration, are totally sealed, non-spillable and maintenance-free. AGM offers better cycling performance, minimal gassing and acid leakage when compared with conventional lead-acid batteries.

The special absorbent glass mat lead-acid (AGM) soaks up all the acid in the battery, providing high cyclic stability.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 3x cycle life as compared to standard conventional batteries.
  • Designed for harsh climates and demanding conditions
  • Handles high electrical loads.
  • Ideal for start-stop applications
  • Vibration resistance.
  • Nonspillable and maintenance-free.
  • PowerFrame grid technology for high starting power
  • Greater mounting flexibility


delkor car battery picture EFB batteries support applications that operate at a partial state of charge and don’t require the deep-cycling characteristics of an AGM battery. A polyfleece scrim material added to the positive plate surface makes this possible. This helps to stabilise the active material of the plates, which increases the endurance.

Benefits include:

  • More than twice the partial state of charge and deep-cycling performance of conventional batteries.
  • Support for a high number of engine starts and extended engine-off periods.
  • Improved charge acceptance compared to conventional flooded batteries.
  • Designs available that improve thermal stability for use in engine compartments and hot climates.
  • Ideal for start-stop vehicle technologies without regenerative braking technology and for vehicles with higher-than-normal energy demands, whether that means a tougher drive schedule or multiple accessories and equipment installed.
  • In addition, our EFB products are built with PowerFrame® grid technology for high starting power and reliable performance.

Flooded Technology

delkor car battery picture

Suitable For a Wide Array of Vehicles

Find a full portfolio of flooded lead-acid batteries, each built to meet the needs of our original equipment, as well as our aftermarket customers.

Our flooded 12-volt batteries are engineered to support the electrical demands of today’s vehicles, providing reliable starting power in the most trying climate conditions. Looking for a battery that truly stands the test of time? Go for the Delkor flooded battery, which features our exclusive PowerFrame® Grid technology, delivering incomparable strength and durability.

Powerframe Grid Technology

delkor car battery picture Delkor batteries are not built with just any grid, but a PowerFrame Grid. PowerFrame Grids are made by rolling metal into strips that are then stamped into the grid shape. This patented process results in a strong frame that helps batteries resist corrosion, and provides strength even under extreme conditions. So make sure your battery has the PowerFrame logo on the outside, for true strength on the inside.

Powerframe Grid Technology vs Other Grids

  • Structurally Strong: PowerFrame patented grid technology is up to 66% more durable and more corrosion-resistant than other grid designs. This means the grid lasts longer.
  • Patterned for Power: The PowerFrame grid design provides superior cranking power with up to 70% better electrical flow than other grid technologies.
  • Clean Construction: PowerFrame manufacturing uses 20% less energy and produces 20% fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods.

Make sure you have the PowerFrame logo on the outside, for True Strength on the inside.