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Highway's Caravan Services

Our mission at Highway Auto is to provide honest and dependable service. We treat our customers like family, so we look out for both you and your caravan, making sure you get back on the road safely and securely. In fact, we offer a complimentary inspection to help you avoid costly repairs later on. We offer an under bonnet and safety check for our regular customers.
Highways are specialist automotive engineers delivering state of the art diagnosis, repairs and servicing for your caravan, car, SUV or 4X4. Why pay more and get less at a car dealership.

We agree on a fixed cost and stick to it

Key Services For Caravans

  1. Auto Electricians
  2. All-inclusive Vehicle Maintenance, Services and Diagnostics
  3. Batteries all types for all Caravans and Motor Homes.
  4. Battery Test plus evaluation Free.
  5. Brakes & Traction Control
  6. Caravan and Motor Home Easy Parking at Highway Auto
  7. Caravan and Motor Home Solar battery and power solutions
  8. Caravan and RV electrical repairs
  9. Caravan Brake Service and Diagnostics
  10. Caravan and trailer Brake Service and Repair
  11. Caravan Solar electric problems solved
  12. Car and Caravan Air-conditioning Service and Install
  13. Caravan heating and Air conditioning Systems
  14. Caravan video systems install and repair
  15. Caravan and Motor Home Electronic Control Systems
  16. Caravan and Motor Home Steering and Suspension
  17. Check Engine Light Diagnosis and Support
  18. Car Electrical Systems Diagnosis and Repair
  19. Delkor Deep cycle caravan batteries
  20. Electrical Systems all vehicles
  21. New car and Motor Home Warranty approved Servicing
  22. Pre Purchase Inspections
  23. Radiator and Cooling Systems Repair
  24. Roadworthy Inspections
  25. Latest in automotive diagnostic and auto electrical systems
  26. Mercedes Benz Electrics and specialised Diagnostics
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Caravan Solar Panel Install. Battery Performance Upgrade. Very Neat Work

Solar Panel Solutions - Caravans & Motorhomes

Highway Auto will evaluate your requirements and identify the most suitable set of Solar Panels and voltage regulator to match your electrical loads. Free camping is no fun when the lights go out and the fridge stops too. Here's some of what we can do for you:
  • Supply and fit Solar Panels and Voltage Regulator
  • Modernise and update your Caravan battery storage and charging options
  • 3 Way Caravan refrigerator supply systems to use on the move
  • Caravan Breakaway control and monitoring systems
  • Caravan Electric brake control systems
  • Caravan Battery charge and capacity monitoring systems
  • Caravan Battery isolate and leakage protection systems
  • Change out your old Caravan lighting system for LED battery savers
  • Additional Caravan power outlets
  • Supply and install Caravan Inverter Systems
  • 3 Way Caravan refrigerator condensor air exhaust for better cooling
  • Caravan alarm systems
  • Caravan water pumps repairs installed
  • Caravan external lighting Upgrade
  • Caravan rear lighting in LED brighter for road safety
  • All caravan electric wiring and electrical appliances
  • Towing and Trailer electrical
  • Caravan 12V plugs and sockets
  • Caravan 12V connector Anderson plugs

Best Battery For - Caravans & Motorhomes

About Us

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We Diagnose and Repair Caravan & RV wiring & Battery Systems.

Maintenance -- Services

  • All-inclusive Vehicle Maintenance, Services and Diagnostics
  • Brakes & Traction Control
  • Alignment, Steering &Suspension, Tyres & Balancing
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Restraint Systems, SRS, Air Bags
  • Fluid Flush (transmission, power steering, coolant & brake)
  • Drive Train (engines, transmissions &differentials)
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Electrical Electronic Systems
  • Starting & Charging Systems (including batteries)
  • Power Accessories (windows, locks, etc.)
  • Windshields & Glass
  • Roadworthy Inspecctions
  • Pre Purchase Inspections

Delkor Batteries are Stronger and Hold Charge Longer

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