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Car pulling you in any direction but straight? Pot holes feel like an abyss? Your suspension and steering will need some tender loving care.

The key role of functional car suspension and steering is to provide stability, good handling and ultimately your safety.

A periodical suspension and steering service will ensure the comfort and safety of your passengers. The overall suspension and steering systems will be checked, the shock absorbers will be examined and replaced if required and a wheel alignment will be performed. All these activities will protect the longevity of your tyres and efficiency of your car and most importantly deliver better braking.

Highway Auto Rockhampton have highly trained technicians who are familiar with all types of suspension systems. They can inspect, diagnose problems, discuss the repairs required with you and then fix your suspension system. This might include repairing steering problems, flush and replacement of power steering fluid, replacing shock absorbers and performing a wheel alignment.

You can trust Highway Auto Rockhampton to carry out your steering and suspension service by the book and with a 12 month guarantee. Ring Steve now 07 4926 1303 and make a time for your next steering and suspension service.

Suspension and steering - everything you need to know


A car's suspension is built to take care of road undulations, handling and cornering forces. These principles ensure your car maintains contact with the road at all times, handles well, goes where you direct it and provides a comfortable ride.


A car's steering system works in such a way that a turn of the steering wheel will result in a relatively small correction of the road wheel direction so as to to maneouver the vehicle. Steering effort is passed to the wheels through a series of pivot joints, allowing the wheels to move up and down with the suspension system without hindering the preset steering angle.

When the steering wheel is turned, not all wheels are turned at the same angle. When cornering, the inner front wheel of a car becomes more tightly angled because it has to perform a sharper turn. This precise angling requires steering systems to be maintained to ensure the appropriate repsonse is returned as a result of steering wheel movement.
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Shock absorbers and struts

Both shock absorbers and struts work with the car's suspension to absorb the effects of imperfections on the road surface. They cycle through compression and extension. They are velocity senstive, meaning the faster a car drives the more reactive your shocks and struts will be, to ensure a smooth ride.

The terms shocks and struts are often used interchangeably but they are in fact two seperate components and they never replace one another. Struts are typically more expensive but their role in maintaining a cars suspension is greater because they also act as a pivot point for the steering. Your braking distance can be increased by as much as 20% with worn suspension components like struts and shocks. That is the difference between life and death so have them checked now. Call Steve now on 07 4926 1303 and make a time.

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Wheel alignment

Wheels that are out of alignment can cause a host of problems, including uneven tire wear and poor braking. A professional wheel alignment will ensure your tyres last longer and you car handles well and drives safely.

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