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Benefits of Cleaning Your Car Battery | Why do we clean car batteries? | Neutralise battery terminal corrosion | Highway Auto Batteries Rockhampton.

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Why do we clean car batteries?

A dirty battery is trouble waiting to happen. Here are some tips to keep your battery free of corrosion.

How To Clean Your Car Battery:

Safety first. A typical car battery contains poisonous and corrosive sulphuric acid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. When working around a battery always wear protective clothing and glasses, do not smoke or light a match and take care not to cause a spark.

Dirty battery terminals can shut down your electrical systems.

Battery terminals are the connection of your battery to your car’s electrical system so any corrosion there has the potential to prevent the required current flow to the car’s electrical and electronic systems.

dirty battery terminal won't start

An example of a badly corroded battery terminal.

Buy your new battery from Highway Auto Batteries and this will never happen to your car. You will enjoy lifetime service of your battery along with all the necessary checks and tests.

Neutralise battery terminal corrosion

To remove external corrosion, you can do this with a solution of baking soda dissolved in warm water. Carefully pour a little of the solution onto each battery terminal and allow a reasonable time for it to react. You will notice some fizzing and when this ceases inspect the terminals to see if all the corrosion has been removed.


Comprehensive cleaning of battery terminals

If there is corrosion present at your battery terminals it could mean there is acid leakage from the terminal seal. If yours is a late model vehicle it is advisable to have this matter attended to by the professionals because once the battery terminal is disconnected the memory in vital electronic components is lost. Bring your car to Highway Auto Rockhampton where a qualified Technician will inspect your battery terminals and advise you on the best course of action. Talk to Steve at Highway Auto on 07 4926 1303.

How to Avert a Discharged or Flat Battery

  • Regular driving each week or the use of an approved battery charger
  • Ensure all lights or accessories are turned off
  • Have the charge rate of your alternator checked at every service
  • Keep your battery case clean
  • Ensure battery terminals and posts are cleaned regularly
  • Have your engine serviced regularly as poor engine condition can overload the battery

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