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Brake Services, Repairs & Testing Cars, SUVs, 4WDs.

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Disc brakes, Drum Brakes, Calipers and Rotors, Brake Shoes and Pads, Electronic Brake Controls.

Highway Auto's Technicians are skilled in modern automotive braking systems, ABS and the electronic control systems in particular. Highway Auto's Technicians are Qld Transport Certified Inspectors so feel confident that you are getting the best qualified to inspect your car's braking system.

A Diagram of Disk and Drum Brakes.

In the early 1970s when manufacturers, on a widespread scale, switched from drum to disc brakes. Since the majority of a vehicle's stopping power is contained in the front wheels, only the front brakes were upgraded to disc during much of this period. Since then, many manufacturers have adopted four-wheel disc brakes on their high-end and performance models as well as their low-line economy cars.

Brake Service and Brake Repairs.

The terminology used here regarding brake repairs and brake service are similar and better understood if you go to the following links.

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Brake Fluid Flush and Refill >>
Brake Disc/Rotor & Drum Machining and Resurfacing >>

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Brake Testing and Inspections.

If you think your brakes are not operating correctly, don't wait, act now and have your brakes inspected at Highway Auto Rockhampton today. Talk to Steve, make a time 07 4926 1303.


Brake Fail Early Warnings: