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Rockhampton Battery Sales, Caravans, Cars, SUVs, 4WDs | We Test How Many Starts Left in Your Battery?

Know how much life remains in your battery, stay safe and have it checked now. - Updated 11/07/2019

Rockhampton Battery Sales, Caravans, Cars, SUVs, 4WDs | We Test How Many Starts Left in Your Battery?

car battery life indicators Car battery life averages two to three years. Do you know the age of your battery? Get a free battery test at Highways, don't get stranded.

Cars are now more electronic than mechanical, get the right battery for your car or it could be very costly for you down the track when your ECU and electronics are reduced to toast.

Your Battery End-of-Life Warning Signals:

  • Slow engine crank
  • Battery warning light on
  • Grinding sound on start
  • Battery more than 2 years old

Delkor Batteries are Stronger and Last Much Longer.

delkor calcium battery rockhampton delkor battery banner This one uses a unique lead/calcium alloy to produce a heavy duty wrought plate able to withstand the most arduous conditions. Suitable for the majority of Australian and European vehicles also Heavy Machinery. You deserve the best, why settle for less?

Delkor Battery Sales & Service Rockhampton.

  • Car Battery
  • 4WD Battery
  • Caravan Battery
  • Motorhome Battery
  • Marine Battery
  • Golf Cart Battery
  • Mobility Scooter Battery
  • Delkor AGM Battery
  • Absorbed Glass Mat separators
  • Fully sealed case
  • Leakproof 100%
  • Withstand high charge rates
  • Long life
  • Reliable

Your Car Battery is The Main Player, Here's Why:

The battery is one of the most important components of your vehicle. Without a serviceable battery, your vehicle cannot run. The frustrating bit is that replacing a battery is no longer a simple task.

Modern automotive Electronic Control Systems must have a servicable battery. Electrical system voltage must be held within fine limits and your battery is the critical component in doing that.

Your battery life is influenced by climatic conditions and in the way the vehicle is used. A replacement Car Battery needs to be the one the manufacturer has specified, anything less will mean trouble, inconvenience and unnecessary expense.

Two things that will kill a battery fast: Excess vibration and Excess heat. You could read into that as meaning you should always park in the shade and don't drive on rough roads. If you can do that then your battery will last much longer. Some European cars house the battery in the boot for this reason.

Did you know your vehicle's electrical system is always on and the battery continues to run the computers that operate the vehicle so they retain their settings. These use little power and under normal circumstances should not drain the battery.

If your battery runs flat then numerous electronic memory systems will most likely lose their settings and their data. Another event that will do that is to disconnect a battery terminal without first connecting in a memory minder.

Car Battery Life is Limited, When Will Your's Die?

With our FREE battery check you will know two things: How long your battery will live and how depleted it's holding capacity is.

A Battery Service Now Will Save You Time and Money.

Starting your vehicle is one thing, but keeping it running properly is another. With a starting and charging system evaluation you can avoid a malfunction within this system. This evaluation includes:

  • Cleaning and inspecting battery cable ends and the battery terminals to ensure a full charge
  • Inspection of fan/alternator and drive belt for signs of wear and proper adjustment if needed
  • Inspect battery mounting hardware for secure and vibration free mounting
  • Measure alternator charge output
  • Measure Starter draw

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