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Steering & Suspension Rockhampton, Get a FREE Evaluation Now.

Drive Well With True Steering & Suspension

Your car’s suspension system maximises the grip between the tyres and the road surface, to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of you and your passengers. Take advantage of FREE Suspension and Steering inspection at Highway Auto Rockhampton.

How Does Suspension Work?

The suspension system is designed to give you a smooth ride while maintaining ultimate driving control. When your car accelerates, bumps cause forward energy to be converted into vertical energy, which then travels through the frame of your car. Without coil and leaf springs to absorb this, the vertical energy would cause your car to jump up off the road, reducing tyre friction and control. Your car would then come crashing back down onto the road with even greater force, making for a very uncomfortable and dangerous ride.

Early Warning Signs Suspension

  • The car is not sitting level when parked.
  • A lot of bouncing when you drive.
  • Poor handling.
  • Excessive body roll on corners.
  • No longer fun to drive
Book now for a FREE suspension inspection, phone 07 4926 1303
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Wheel Alignment, Get a FREE Evaluation, Book Now.

Extend Tyre Life With Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle's wheels are not aligned correctly, they could be causing premature wear on your tyres and suspension components. This will cause problems with your vehicle's handling, performance and the overall safety of your vehicle. Simple things like bumping into a kerb or driving over a pothole can throw your wheels out of alignment. It's important to get this fixed quickly before it leads to larger expensive problems.

Alignment Is The Angle Tyres Meet The Road

Wheel alignment is often confused with wheel balance. The two really have nothing to do with each other except that they both affect ride and handling. Our expert technicians have been carefully trained in the practice of wheel alignment and use the latest, state-of-the-art aligning equipment.

Early Front End Warning Signs

If your vehicle's wheels are misaligned, you could notice a slight steering wheel shimmy where the vehicle feels as if it's pulling to one side. Your tyres may squeal when turning and you could experience poor steering control, the car is no longer sweet to drive. Even if your car appears to be running well, we recommend having your wheel alignment checked every 10,000km for maximum tyre life.

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Brakes Rockhampton, Get a FREE Evaluation, Book Now.

Brake Failure, Early Warning Signs

  1. Brake pedal soft or spongy
  2. Squealing brakes
  3. A grinding sound when you press the brake pedal
  4. The vehicle pulls to one side when you brake
  5. Brake warning light is on
  6. The brake pedal is hard to depress.

Brakes Need Grippy Tyres To Stop Your Vehicle

Your stopping power is reliant on good grippy tyres, servicible suspension, faultless steering and fully functioning brakes.

If in doubt about any of these components then book your car in now for a FREE check of these critical components. Highway Auto Rockhampton number is 07 4926 1303.

Brake System Types

Most cars use disc and drum brake assemblies in their brake systems. These days cars are fitted with disc brakes on all four wheels; however, some cars still use a drum brake assembly on the rear wheels. As safety awareness increases, many car manufacturers are fitting anti-lock brakes (ABS) – a computer-controlled system – as an added component to prevent wheel lockup and skidding. ABS usually work in conjunction with other vehicle systems such as stability control.